The Most Outstanding Single Storey Homes (Perth)

Choose creative, highly-customisable, and innovative single storey homes in Perth with Homebuilders IQ

Homebuilders IQ is the best place to look for single storey homes. Perth is the location of our headquarters and if you’re looking for single storey homes with utilitarian floor plans and exquisite elevations, you should look no further than Homebuilders IQ. Our team of highly experienced and seasoned professionals has created a wide range of single storey house plans that will not only make your everyday life easy but also enjoyable.

Our modern single storey home plans are designed to suit the needs of every Australian family whether they live in the traditional blocks of the outskirts or in narrow blocks of trendy open spaces in the city. Put simply, our squad of talented architects has devised single storey packages that are not only flexible enough to adapt with your changing needs but also provide the right balance of private spaces and communal family areas because only the best is good enough for Homebuilders IQ.

Why Choose Exquisite Narrow Lot: Single Storey Homes (Perth Offers)

Maximise the Space

At Homebuilders IQ, we make sure that our clients get what they paid for. To do so, we will not only pamper you with a wide range of single storey home designs but also eye-catching features to help you fully maximise the space. Among the features of our single-storey houses includes a welcoming living room and sizable master suites as well as flexible kitchen and dining areas wherein you will not only have fun and relax but also create memories with your friends and family that can be cherished for a lifetime.

Filled with Customisation Options

Our team believes that the first step to providing everyone with their dream single storey home is being able to give clients an ability to add their personal touches to a house. With Homebuilders IQ, every client can customise single storey designs with trailblazing yet dynamic floor plans and progressive elevations. This is our way to bring together design, flow, and function which are all necessary for having a home that does not only look good but can also make you feel good.

Guided Help for Our Clients

Whether you are looking to buy your first single storey home or your second one, Homebuilders IQ is here to guide everyone in the purchasing stages. In other words, our real estate professionals will help you shoulder the stress of finding your own finance so that you can focus on the exciting aspects that go with buying single storey homes.

Affordable Pricing and Loan Plans

Owning a single storey home can cost an arm and a leg most especially if you are working on a service industry job. Homebuilders IQ is not here to take away your dream but rather we are here to help you accomplish your goals with our flexible and affordable housing loan plans. Our team of experts will sit down with you to evaluate your financial standing and help you narrow down your options to find the best package for your budget.

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