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Design homes for Perth has its own challenges. Sandy soil. Long days of sunshine. As well as some pretty hectic storms. So building for our unique environment is as much about how we build, as it is about what we build.

At Homebuilders IQ, we’ve considered this when it comes to choosing our preferred partner builders. Their attention to quality and build techniques ensures your home is one worth investing in. Then there’s how its designed and how it looks – and that ensures it’s one you love living in.

Take a look at some of our most popular designs right here…

A Home to be Proud Of

We have selected the best new home designers in Perth to create the perfect home for you and your family to live and prosper in. Our house designers are an exceptional part of the team and consider the smallest detail in their designs. Each element is important from the sweep of the driveway, the entrance way and hall, how the rooms connect throughout the house, and the transition to the back garden and patio. From the roof to the doors to the letter box, you can be proud to welcome visitors and guests to your new home.

Homes made for you

Ever wondered what makes a great home? It’s different for everyone, but it does take into account some important lifestyle factors – some are obvious, some you may never have even considered.

At Homebuilders IQ, we’ll sit down with you to help decide on what makes a great home. Whether you’re a young couple who loves to entertain friends or a family needing the space and privacy to keep everyone happy, our team knows what to look for in a new home.

And that’s important! Because making the right choice now will help set you up for the future – whatever that future may be.

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