Double Storey Homes In Perth

Find the best double storey homes for your family on a budget with Homebuilders IQ

Hearing that anyone can get double storey homes on a budget is music to everyone’s ears. And that music can only be heard on the best home building company in Perth, which is Homebuilders IQ.

Our team of dedicated real estate professionals at Homebuilders IQ provides you with the most affordable two storey homes. Perth, which is one of the most advanced cities in Australia is our local ground of operations, which means that you can get a double storey house that is not only cost-efficient but also attractive and can be a luxurious financial investment in the future.

To make sure that we can cater to your needs, our team will provide you with multiple design options that reflect your personal design and styles. What is more is that we also pamper you with complete and total control to modify your house based on your preferences, thus, enabling you to add a little bit of character to your home. No matter what type of block you have or the lifestyle you lead, you will definitely find double storey homes that are designed to suit your evolving needs with Homebuilders IQ.

Why Consider Homebuilders IQ in Buying Two Storey Homes (Perth Guide)

A Multitude of Designs Available

At Homebuilders IQ, you are getting more than what you have bargained for as we provide you with a wide range of two storey home designs that are guaranteed to capture your imagination. So whether you want a traditional look to your home or a modern feel to your double storey homes, our team of architects and interior designers will coddle you with the most appropriate designs to satisfy your creative needs.

Become Part of Your Surroundings

Experience is another advantage that you can get for choosing Homebuilders IQ in buying affordable two storey homes. Perth is packed with a lot of home finance companies but nothing is more seasoned compared to our team with 12+ years experience. For over a decade, we have worked with thousands of clients in helping them achieve their respective dream homes. So, it simply means that achieving client success is in our blood.

Create a Productive Space

Among the most common advantages that you can savor when you decide to purchase double storey homes with Homebuilders IQ is the amount of space it will provide you and your family. Typically, our house designs are made up of an extensive amount of space that can cater to the different areas of the room.

Go Green

Homebuilders IQ is here to take you home. We understand that everyone experiences financial bumps in the road to buying two storey homes so our team of experts has devised housing plans that are economical and suited for your needs. In addition, our housing packages for double storey homes can also be customised so that it can fit right in with your budget. This is one of the best ways for a first homebuyer to get ahead of their finances and save money to afford home upgrades or furniture.

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