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Homebuilders IQ was launched by our founder, Shakir Sass. With over fifteen years’ experience in Perth’s property market, Shakir realised there was an opportunity to create a better experience for first homebuyers.

With this belief, Shakir opened Homebuilders IQ with a commitment to giving first home buyers the confidence to build their new home. Having worked alongside numerous project builders, and with strong relationships within the WA industry, Shakir set about making Homebuilders IQ a reality.

Today, first (and even second) homebuyers enjoy access to a trusted partner that can help them navigate from finance to land selection, to choosing a homebuilder.

Shakir has instilled a “client is always right” mantra within his team. And with thousands of happy clients, it’s a testament to the way he’s delivered a refreshing and approachable experience for first and second home buyers in Perth.

Get smart with the way you build.
Get with Homebuilders IQ.

What if you could have your very own personal assistant to manage the homebuying process? Well, that’s Homebuilders IQ for you.

Homebuilders IQ is the ultimate partner for first homebuyers. In fact, we’ve made home building so much easier, we’re even helping second and third homebuyers, too!

So, here’s how we can help you…

Using over a decade of homebuying experience in Perth, Homebuilders IQ is the one trusted partner you need to navigate the entire home building

  • We help with finding and securing the right finance
  • We have a network of developers to secure the best land
  • And we offer access to 15 of Perth’s most reputable builders

And if you thought our job was done, you’d be wrong (and maybe a little
surprised)! That’s because Homebuilders IQ is by your side until the day you move in.

That means your personal liaison at Homebuilders IQ is on hand to represent you with all build-related queries…

  • Overseeing all planning and council paperwork
  • Ensuring alterations or feedback is quickly and clearly communicated
  • And making sure your home is built on time

And because we’ve done it a hundred times before, first homebuyers like you can now be experienced homebuyers like us.

Even better, the Homebuilders IQ service is absolutely free!

So if you want to build smarter (and stress-free!), build with your
experienced partner at Homebuilders IQ.

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15+ Years of Experience

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Happy Clients

Build your first home stress-free

Building your family home – especially your first one – can be a little like stepping into the unknown. With so many processes and so many milestones, it’s sometimes a bit hard to know where you’re at, or where you’re going.

Good thing, Homebuilders IQ knows it all too well. In fact, our experience is exactly what makes for a smooth and far more enjoyable homebuilding

By partnering with Homebuilders IQ, you can get on with your everyday life knowing we’re managing every aspect of the process. Whether that’s finance approvals, land negotiations, council applications or managing the builder, we’re like your go-to personal assistant for getting things done.

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