Second Home Owner Grant Perth

Second Home Owner Grant Perth

Explore how we can assist you in maximising your second home owner grant in Perth to purchase or construct the second home you have always wanted
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Realise The Second Home You Have Always Wanted With Perth’s Most Trusted Builders

Looking to buy or build a second home and want to make sure that your second home owner grant is utilised the right way? Let our team of highly skilled and experienced specialists here at Homebuilders IQ help you maximise your grant to finally make your dream second home a reality.

Whether you want the perfect vacation home for your family or the ideal rental property for a sustainable long-term source of income, our experts can help. From identifying and securing the right financing, finding the best location, providing the perfect house and land packages, creating the most gorgeous yet super functional design, and delivering the most exquisitely finished build, we have got you covered.

For over a decade now, our finance gurus, design wizards, master builders, and amazing project managers have brought smiles to hundreds of second homeowners across Perth. We have done this by exerting all our efforts to not just meet all requirements but actually exceed all their expectations. This is why we have become Perth’s most trusted builders.

Allow us to show you how we can help turn your dream of owning a second home into a reality.

How about we get started? Do read on so you can explore the key steps to how Homebuilders IQ can help maximise your second home owner grant in Perth…

1st Step: Allow Us to Find & Secure
The Right Finance for You

Let us help make sure you have clear-cut finances to purchase or build the second home you want. With us, you can leverage the knowledge and expertise of our finance specialists to find and secure the right financing that will align with your present financial status.

Having our highly experienced in-house finance team in your corner, you will have complete access to 35 of Australia’s most trusted lenders. With a number of them who can offer a No-Savings Home Loan or a Low-Deposit Home Loan, you can get the finances you need to quickly buy or start building your second home.

Reach out to us so we can start finding the right finance for you.

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2nd Step: Allow Us to Look for The Perfect Spot for Your Second Home

The high demand for new housing in Perth is making it hard for second-home buyers and builders to get land in good neighbourhoods or near nature. But, with Homebuilders IQ’s partnerships with Perth’s best estate developers, you get exclusive access to the most in-demand lands. You can also choose from our large portfolio of premium land options available that can fit your location, size, and price. Looking for the perfect spot for your second home has never been easier. Talk to us.

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3rd Step: Allow Us to Tailor a Design To Suit All Your Requirements

With Homebuilders IQ, you will get a team of award-winning design experts who have helped create the most gorgeous yet super functional homes to suit all budget ranges. Delivering a highly tailored design that will suit all your requirements is what we do best here. We offer the perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality that will wow onlookers and pull at your heartstrings.

Our team can also provide you with a collection of the most popular home designs in Perth. You can sit down with us to modify these plans to fit your needs. Our team is more than up to the task if you want to create a design from scratch or tweak an existing one. What you can be assured of is getting the exact look and feel you want for your second home.

Reach out to us so we can help you realise the ideal design for your second home.

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