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The Stanley

Creating a masterpiece is a fine art, so it’s reassuring to know that a builder with over 65 years experience and an unparalleled reputation for quality, is behind everything we do. Masterpiece is consistently recognised for their superior design, attention to detail and exceptional quality. This technical excellence is however, only part of what makes one of Australia’s largest builders, so successful. There is a belief at Masterpiece, that building your own home will be one of your greatest achievements, and that it needs to be built for you. ‘Knock down, build yours’ with Masterpiece is the pinnacle of this philosophy. Personalise this home to suit your desired outcomes

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The Adamson
The Watson
The Vancouver
The Harthill Balcony
The Cunningham
The Kirby
The Maui
The Coleman
The Martinique
The Leigh
The Lawrence
The Simpson

Get Your Home In 3 Easy Steps

We've helped over 40,000 first home buyers and second home buyers in Perth build their dream home. And you could be next.

Step 1Finance

Our in-house finance team has access to the most rewarding finance options on the market. This includes access to some of the lowest deposit home loans in Perth; experience with applying for government assisted programs; plus advice on guarantor loans and bridging loans.

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Step 2Land

Let us work with you to find the best-priced land to suit the lifestyle you want. Our partnerships with local Perth developers gives us access to exclusive land in high demand areas, while at the same time cutting out the “middleman” to save you thousands!

Find Location

Step 3House

Choosing the right builder is the single most important decision for any homebuyer. As your trusted, independent homebuilding partner, Homebuilders IQ works for you, not the builder. Our unique team of 15 builders ensures we will not only find the right home for you, but we’ll be building with a builder that will get the best job done.

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