Exceptional First Home Builders #2

Nervous with building your first home? Don’t be. Homebuilders IQ are experts in building your first house.

Life is full of twists and turns as well as nerve-racking experiences such as buying your first land or hiring your first home builders. Perth is among the cities in Western Australia which is brimming with talented and professional home builders and Homebuilders IQ is leading the pack.

We want your first home-building experience to be as enjoyable and worry-free as possible. That’s why Homebuilders IQ have garnered top-tier professionals to help. You are our first priority and we are focused on providing quality first homes for would-be owners.

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    Why Choose Homebuilders IQ As Your First Home Builder?

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    Proactive Approach To Building Your First Home

    As experienced first home builders, we take a proactive approach during the entire process. We make great homes happen by planning ahead of time and ensuring that everything is done according to top-notch standards. We control situations and respond to home building problems quickly and efficiently.  

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    Customised Financing Options

    Your first home is your prized possession. And we will make it easier for you by giving you the best financing options based on your situation. We’ve worked with thousands of clients and we’ve helped them achieve their first home with ease and peace of mind.

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    Unparalleled Quality

    The quality of our work is unparalleled. Our experience in building first homes has given us the expertise necessary in providing quality output that satisfies our client base. We are responsible for building exceptional, stunning homes around Perth for over a decade.

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    Tailor-Fit Designs

    Can’t seem to fit a design in your head? That’s not a problem. Our experienced designers will help you put your thoughts into reality. Customised to your needs, our designs will surely make your jaws drop as your eyes are filled with stunning interiors.

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    We Make Sure You Are Protected

    Homebuilders IQ is a people-centered firm. We ensure you are protected with the right insurances necessary for building your first home. You don’t have to worry about unnecessary expenses due to accidents, our experts will put the proper insurances into place to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

    Getting Your First Home Is Within Reach

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    First, Get Financing Options

    Homebuilders IQ will help you acquire the best financing option for your first home. Based on your unique situation, you will get the best deal that works for you.

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    Second, Find A Location

    Finding the sweet spot? We have extensive land options even in high-demand locations. Our well-connected network will give the optimum location for the life you envisioned.

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    Finally, Design And Build

    During the final stage of the three-step process, designing and building your home will be easier as professionals will help you achieve your dream home. Everything will be set in place. Building your first house with Homebuilders IQ is always an easy, enjoyable process you will surely love.

    Contact Homebuilders IQ today and get ready to put your dreams into a real-life structure!

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    Get Your Home In 3 Easy Steps

    We’ve helped over 40,000 first home buyers and second home buyers in Perth build their dream home. And you could be next.

    Step 1Finance

    Our in-house finance team has access to the most rewarding finance options on the market. This includes access to some of the lowest deposit home loans in Perth; experience with applying for government assisted programs; plus advice on guarantor loans and bridging loans.

    Do You Qualify?

    Step 2Land

    Let us work with you to find the best-priced land to suit the lifestyle you want. Our partnerships with local Perth developers gives us access to exclusive land in high demand areas, while at the same time cutting out the “middleman” to save you thousands!

    Find Location

    Step 3House

    Choosing the right builder is the single most important decision for any homebuyer. As your trusted, independent homebuilding partner, Homebuilders IQ works for you, not the builder. Our unique team of 15 builders ensures we will not only find the right home for you, but we’ll be building with a builder that will get the best job done.

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    Why Choose Homebuilders IQ?

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    Complete Solution

    We’re your independent partner to help you with every stage of the home building process – at no cost to you!

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    Expert Market Research

    Another benefit of partnering with us is the access you have to the latest trends and market research.

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    Award Winning

    Awards are great but, for us, it’s more about the recognition from our peers that our concept is one that works!

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    Offers The Best Deal

    We work for you, so we just want to get you the best deal! And because we deal direct, we get deals that are hard to beat.

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    Your personal assistant

    At any time of the build process, your experienced Homebuilders IQ partner is on hand to help with any communication you may have with the builder!

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    Free Service Charge

    To enjoy the full service of Homebuilders IQ, doesn’t cost you a cent. And our experience can save you even more!

    Here’s what our happy homeowners are saying…

    Shakir & Brodie from Homebuilders IQ have helped me and my family a lot through the process of building our second home. Both guys are very knowledgeable in their fields, they are very responsive when it comes to getting back to me when I needed answers, and the answers are always spot on. I would like to say a very big thanks to Homebuilders IQ for helping my family on this journey."

    They make sure they're honest from the beginning. Throughout the process they keep you up to date with everything and they're always helpful. I recommend Homebuilders IQ, the experience and journey to others. "

    Building a house can be quite a challenge given everything you need to consider. Both Shakir and Brodie are very professional, knowledgable and have been amazing to work with. I would definitely have been lost without their support. If you're looking for genuine people who also put their hearts behind what they do, I'd recommend you give them a call. "

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